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a timely and effective manner, resolutely saf??eguard national sovereignty, security, development interests, and saf??eguard the overall strategic stability of the country. Xi said it's ??necessary to explore ways of training under the regular epidemic prev??ention and control situation, improve scientific control according to?? the times and circumstances, sM

tep up preparations for military strug??gles, flexibly carry out8

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actual combat military training, and compreh??ensively improve the military's ability to perform military missions.?? Xi emphasized that the military should make good use of scientific ??and technological innovation, especially for independent and original?? innovation in national defense area. He said it's nec7

essary to form??ulate the 14th Five-Year Plan for the constructiR

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on of the army, coord??inate with the national development layout, make scientific arrangeme??nts, and make good use of the military expenses. Xi pointed out that?? the unity of the military, government and civilians is a significant?? political advantage of the Party and the coud

ntry, and the fight agai??nst the epidemic has fully demonstrateQ

ession of the 13th National People's ConN gress, China's to??p legislature. Xi spz oke highly of the military's efforts and1 contrib??ution in the prevention and coF ntrol of COVID-19, saying it proved tha? ?t people's army has always been a heroiw
    c one that the T
    Party and the p??eoplea
    can fully trust. The pandemic had a prI ofound impact on the wor??ld pata tern and China's security and developmeng t, Xi said. He urged t??he military to p strengthen training, prepare for war, deB al with variou??s complex situations in 0